Oh yes!

Amy told me your training had made progress. But this, oh my God.

You are never getting out of that chastity cage again.


Your wife finally followed you one day when you snuck off to meet your mistress.

After she saw you leave she knocked on the door and confronted her. She soon learned she was your MISTRESS, not your mistress.

Your MISTRESS called your mobile and had you return. This is want you saw when you walked in.

You fell to your knees and ask your MISTRESS permission to worship your wife.

Permission granted.


The photographers cannot get enough of her.

She, on the other hand, cannot get enough of you.

At least not enough of teasing you, tormenting you and denying you.

When she finishes the shoot she will be rubbing every inch of that body all over you.

But with a ball gag in and a metal chastity tube on, you will only be able to twitch and strain to get away.

That would certainly make an interesting picture.


I thought I might find you out here.

People at the party are starting to wonder where you are.

Some of my “friends” are even suggesting I don’t have a chastity slave at all.

You cannot imagine how embarrassed that makes me feel.

You will come with me right now so everyone can see you. Then I am going to ask them to help me teach you better behavior.

You made a big mistake mister.


She wished her chaste boyfriend would stay locked up, teased and denied all weekend.

Her wishes always come true.

She has the key.


Sports are always a good way to relieve stress and take your mind off your troubles.

I am glad I can help her with her other hobbies.


The reason for her smile.

She knows it and you know it.

As soon as you get home you will have your face under that gorgeous skirt and your tongue deep in that beautiful ass.


Yes boy. That is the proper way to greet me on my return.

But it took you too long to get to this greeting. I will decide the appropriate punishment for your failure soon enough.


Amy is finally home from her European tour. She spent almost all her time learning more about how to control, tease, torment and dominate men.

I have a bad feeling about this.


Welcome to Switzerland.

Don’t we look fresh and innocent?

You just keep thinking that.

Once you are finished checking in I promise we will give you a reason to never doubt our Swiss ways again.

You will learn endless new ways to torment and tease that poor little man you left to your friends back home.

When you return at the end of the month he will wish he never agreed to you as his key holder.