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I can’t stop staring at him.

Well I wish you would. I hardly even think about him anymore.

How long has he been your chastity house boy / pool boy slave?

I don’t know. He became less interesting after six months. If  I let you take him home can we get back to talking about something else?


Looking back now, I should have known how much I would become addicted to the power he gave me when he closed the lock on his chastity cage for the first time.

I am truly as much a slave to my desire to control, torment, and tease and deny him as he is. My days are consumed by my thoughts of what I will put him through. I am distracted and wet all day.

At least I am able to have orgasm upon orgasm to relieve myself. I can only imagine how hard it must be on him.

Oh damn, there I go getting wet again.


Yes. Amy told me. And it takes my breath away to see you like this.

My intent with these shoes and this dress is to take your breath away also.

But in case they fail me, I know where Amy keeps the crop and canes.

Oh, that certainly produced a gasp.


You may approach me on all fours. You will address me as Mistress Black.

You will address me through your actions and not your words. Your actions should begin with your mouth and my heels. Each successful action leads to greater opportunities.


My work habits apparently have been found lacking.

My choice was to be fired or accept guidance from the rest of the staff.

If they knew how much I have longed for this, they might not be so severe.

I will have to try and keep making just enough mistakes at work to keep being trained.


She knows he tries.

His fear and desperation are half of what turns her on.

No matter his effort though, it is never going to be enough.

The whipping is the other half of what turns her on.

Today she will ride her horse until she is soaking. Then she will see how long she has to whip him to make herself cum.


I know you have always wanted to feel me holding your penis forever.

Well, your new cock cage is my grasp.

You will love it and desire it exactly as if it were me.

In fact, it is what you will now have as your lover and best friend.

Remember this last blown kiss each time you fell the squise of me from your cage.


Yes, Amy told me about your fetishes.

Your thing for feet and your chastity lockup.

So your choices are lick my feet until I tell you to stop.

Or bend over this chair naked while I tie you to it.

Then we will wait for Amy to get back and see how she deals with you.


She was very disappointed in my failure to remain chaste.

First she locked the Kali’s teeth bracelet on me.

Then she caned me leisurely for a while.

Finally she had me nuzzle my face between her breasts.

The swelling that cause in my penis made that the best and worst of the entire ordeal.