Welcome to Switzerland.

Don’t we look fresh and innocent?

You just keep thinking that.

Once you are finished checking in I promise we will give you a reason to never doubt our Swiss ways again.

You will learn endless new ways to torment and tease that poor little man you left to your friends back home.

When you return at the end of the month he will wish he never agreed to you as his key holder.


With Amy gone to Europe for the month, all kinds of thoughts run through your head.

In this dream you believe your penis is as straight and tall as the monument being your lovely Amy.

Then the pain from the spikes wakes you.

But you know you will never be able to stop your dreams.


Madame has gone to Europe for a month.

I am the first of her guests to take charge of you for a few days.

Interesting the way she left you tied. I would never have thought of that.

I am going to remove your gag and you shall tell me all about the things she does, the things you like and the things you hate.

Don’t leave anything out. Don’t disappoint me. We have all day.

Remember, she has already told me much and you do not know what that includes. Best not test your luck on leaving things out.


Well, that was nice.

Oh, I’ve been meaning to tell you, I am off to Europe for about a month.

Yes, I will be back. I just want to see how these things are done on the Continent. I hear they have some interesting ideas about Female Led Relationships.

Any hoo, while I am gone I have set up a rotation of my friends who will be responsible for taking care of you and keeping you on track.

The first of them should be by later today to untie you.

Say you’ll miss me sweetie. See you later.


Yes, I am finally satisfied for now.

But you are not.

While I take a short rest you will keep stroking yourself to the edge. Over and over again.

Don’t cum or you will awaken the evil mistress.

Start now and let the sleeping mistress lie.


Of course I think it’s funny.

It is even funnier watching you turn red with embarrassment.

You begged my daughter to play this chastity game with you. You won’t leave her alone until she tried it.

Now she is tired of it. You are tired of it. But she is still mad at you for being such a pest about it.

So she asked me for advice.

I told her I would have a talk with you.

I think you know I don’t really want you to talk at all. You can mumble as you eat my pussy though.


As you can see, I have a little metal around my sex too.

Of course it makes me cum harder.

Yours just keeps you from having a cum at all.

But I like yours just as much.

How about you?


Not the brightest of lads, are you?

Can’t stop thinking like a man.

Staring at my breasts. Thinking about my tongue.

But you are not a man anymore. Not since Amy locked you cock in that metal cage.

But you just keep trying little thing. Think about my long hair swaying back and forth over your abs and crotch. Think about your dick between my boobs. Think about my tongue all over you.

Ha ha! I love that Amy added the spikes today.


“Welcome home.”

Since Amy left her friend in charge of me during her business trip, I have been pushed very hard.

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about all the things you have been willing to do for me. Amy was being honest . I just couldn’t believe any man would do all these things.

“But I realized she is coming home in two days and then I will not have you to myself – or maybe at all. You have a lot of work ahead of you my toy.

“I guess I need to see how my boyfriend responds to this same treatment. Now strip and attend young man.”


You may thank me. Now lick it clean.

Back in your cage.

We are going shoe shopping and then an evening of your face between my legs.