Today you will move to the third stage of submission. Crawl on over Hubby.

Not just worship of my body, worship of anyone’s body I command you to worship.

Begin with feather light kisses to her cheeks. Then lick her entire butt – except her ass or pussy.

Once you have her moaning and pushing back on your face, penetrate her ass with your tongue. Do your best to make her cum.

If you make her cum, I will introduce you. Otherwise you will never know who she is or how she knows you.


I have heard you say a thousand times “Knowledge is Power”

Well guess what else is power.


Of course your Wife told all the women at the office.

And we all agreed to help her torment you.

We would feel the same way she does if our husbands or boyfriends cheated on us.

So tell the truth, do the spikes really hurt?


Well hello to you too. It seems some little thing in a metal cage would really like to be glad to see me.

Amy told me when she hired me as an Au Pair that the little man of the house I was going to be taking care of was going to be a bit different than my previous jobs.

I guess she really did not check my references. This looks exactly like my previous jobs.

I love my work.


Go ahead now. I have seen you suck and lick Amy’s feet dozens of times.

Don’t you think her big sister deserves at least the same respect?


Now that’s the position!

I believe you are going to work out just fine.


I remember you. Last time I saw you I asked you what would you do to get your hands on this cute little tushy of mine.

I seem to recall you promised me pretty much anything I could think of. And now you are back.

So the question is did you do it?

Show me the film and if you did, then you can snuggle your face right on up and start kissing.


I think your little problem with the discomfort brought on by the Kali’s Teeth can be fixed simply enough.

Please go on down to the cellar and fasten yourself to the horse.

I will be down shortly with my new canes.

See, aren’t you glad you have me as a friend you can share your relationship problems with?

I listen and soon enough – problem solved.


I must admit, I never really believed Amy when she would get drunk and start telling all of us about how she kept you locked in chastity.

But looking at you in the flesh, I can clearly see I was wrong to ever doubt her.

Now lay across my legs for a spanking. She says she does that to you all the time also.

Then maybe a bit of teasing.

Finally I will give you the chance to prove she is telling the truth about your oral skills.

This is turning into a delightfully refreshing evening.


Amy’s Niece had been struggling at University. When Amy suggested to her Sister the Niece stay with us for a while, her Sister thought that was a wonderful idea.

The Niece’s problem seems to have been she was so addicted to sex she was unable to focus on her studies.

Since I was locked in chastity they thought the Niece would be forced to break herself of the problem.

As you can imagine, now I have a problem.