Tell me, which makes you the most uncomfortable here in this restaurant right now…

1.    My exposing my breasts causing the spikes in your cock cage to bite?

2.    My tuning on the vibrator attached to your balls?

3.    My turning on the vibrator attached to your butt plug?

I see. Very Good.

Now which is the second most uncomfortable thing?

Oh? I did not expect that.

This is excellent feedback and will be most useful.


When She sends me texts like this while I am still at the office I know full well that tonight will be another kick ass night.

Plus kick balls, stomp on penis, trample on chest…

And finally anything new she found on Tumblr today.


Oh, good lord.

If this isn’t par for the course.

Every time I wear a nice dress, heels and stockings you can barely walk standing up straight.

If I had know you would be such an embarrassment in public I would have just left you tied to the bed for housekeeping to find.

Now suck it up an act like a man or tomorrow I enjoy our vacation alone.


Maybe next time he will know better than to tell me he likes watching women’s tennis better than men’s tennis.

The things I have to put up with.


You say this woman’s name is Amy? No. No one has introduced themselves to me with that name today. Why?

Did I meet a woman who gave me something to hold onto until a man came and asked me for it? Why yes I did.

May you have it? Well I am not certain you are a man yet am I?

I guess you could pull down your bathing suit and prove it.

Wow! What is that thing? Now I understand where the key goes.


I know it is wrong to look through the window as she gets ready for an evening out.

But she is still my wife.

Hope is not just a feather that perches on the soul. It is also a cock caged husband who also serves by standing and waiting.


We know you Freshmen boys are overwhelmed by all pretty girls on campus.

So John, we have designed a little college orientation of our own for a select few.

How would you like to get a little closer and touch us?

Then first, take off your clothes. Next, give both our asses kisses until we tell you to put your tongue in our assholes.

Finally lie on the bed and let us tie your wrists and ankles.


Amy look. The fool is doing it.


Stand right against the side of the table.

Lay your balls on the table top.

Hold your little penis up against your stomach – out of the way for now.

Count each stroke. Thanks me and ask for another.

Let’s see how high you can count.


Did you know I gave birth to your wife when I was just sixteen?

And her Father has never been around.

So know this…

I expect you to be completely unable to resist my charms and I expect you to be completely able to satisfy the desires I gave up will raising your new wife.

Let’s say here every Tuesday and Thursday from just after lunch until just after I am done.


All these keys and she still cannot remember where she put the key to your cock cage.

Oh well, she can tease you to distract him if the subject comes up.

You are always a sucker for her when she wears her workout clothes.

Oh yeah, she just thought sucker and that sounds a lot like suck her. Tonight she will just not worry about where the key is. Problem solved.