There is only one way I will not tell my Mother – your boss – that you broke into my room and attacked me.

Place your balls between my feet. She brags she has you by your balls.

Get your tongue in my ass and start kissing up the same way Mom says you do at work.

Give me the same smile she comes home with each time she keeps you after hours for a “special project”.


Your ex told me you have a real bad thing for silky and shiny.

I have a real bad thing for control and oral service from boy toys.

Put your face under me now. If you are satisfactory you may avoid being tied down, whipped and cock locked.

You would be the first to be satisfactory on your first try, but please give it your best effort.


Each day this week she had found a different way to humiliate me with this shoe.

I have cum on it and licked it clean.

I have had her make me cum with the heel up my butt.

I have had her make me cum while standing on my cock.

I have been made to jerk off in public while kissing it as she sat on a park bench.

I can’t imagine what is next, but it looks like she just did.


Amy knew my weakness for redheads.

When she hired her latest personal assistant, being a redhead was the second most important selection criteria.

Being experienced in chastity tease and denial was the top criteria.

The final portion of the interview process was for the applicant to demonstrate her knowledge and skills on me.


She had been standing there laughing and smiling for what seemed to me to be forever.

I had been left hogtied on the floor.

Her friends had left me with a collar around my neck, ball gag in my mouth, clover clamps in my nipples and metal cage on my cock.

On the door had been a birthday card addressed to her.

It always bothered me that she would never tell me what the card said.


The small magnetic notes on the refrigerator were how she left him his chores.

Right this moment he was overcome by the need to drop to his knees and worship her boots.

This was the trap she set. One of the notes forbade him from touching her boots without permission.

The punishment would be her boots touching him forcibly where he would never have chosen to give his permission.


The increase in internal energy of a closed system is equal to the heat supplied to the system minus work done by it.

Basically this will be interpreted to mean the girls’ physics professor is going to have this first law of thermodynamics demonstrated in a way which will earn each of the female students an A this semester.


Today you will move to the third stage of submission. Crawl on over Hubby.

Not just worship of my body, worship of anyone’s body I command you to worship.

Begin with feather light kisses to her cheeks. Then lick her entire butt – except her ass or pussy.

Once you have her moaning and pushing back on your face, penetrate her ass with your tongue. Do your best to make her cum.

If you make her cum, I will introduce you. Otherwise you will never know who she is or how she knows you.


I have heard you say a thousand times “Knowledge is Power”

Well guess what else is power.


Of course your Wife told all the women at the office.

And we all agreed to help her torment you.

We would feel the same way she does if our husbands or boyfriends cheated on us.

So tell the truth, do the spikes really hurt?